Slim Fast Diet Plan – Does It Work?

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Does Slim Fast really work? It’s most positive aspect, is the ease with which the diet can be done. You are allowed to select the one (or two) meals per day, in which you substitute their product for your meal. It is easy to simply gobble down a shake or bar, rather than having to sit down to a full meal.

On the other hand, there are many problems reported by people trying this diet. Hunger pangs are a constant burden on this diet plan.

Also, they don’t like the taste of the shakes and bars. In effect, you end up spending most of your meals, consuming “sugary milk”. Unfortunately, this causes you to constantly think about the real food you are not being allowed to eat.

And of course, there is the embarrassment factor – since everyone will know you’re on a diet, the moment you take a shake/bar out to eat.

Today’s Slim Fast diet plan has grown to 4 connected steps.

1) The “Replace” section is the most obvious. This means substituting a Slim Fast item for a meal or two.

2) Next is the “Combine” step. However, the amount of normal food you can use for this, is severely limited.

3) The “Dine” section of the Slim Fast diet plan involves using their “Portion Size Guide” to restrict the amount of food you can eat during your regular meals. Note that the amount of calories allowed for these regular meals, is very limited.

4) “Snack” is the last part of the process. For this, you get to have a rare snack, as you try to defeat the frequent hungry feelings you will have using this system.

So while the Slim Fast diet plan does work in the short run, fails in the long run. You spend a lot of money purchasing temporary fat loss – only to find that it all comes back after you’re done! For more details, see “Supplementary Resources” above.

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