Jenny Craig Cost – Is It Really That Expensive?

Among the many diet systems out there, the Jenny Craig cost makes it one of the most expensive. But it is also one of the most popular. And many (though not all) former members, say it works. So how do you weigh the high price, versus what you get?

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The first thing to notice is that you cannot determine the Jenny Craig cost by visiting their website or obtaining their initial promotional brochures. Most likely, this is due to the fact that if you knew the real cost of their system upfront – you would be scared away!

The truth is, the Jenny Craig diet is not something you do casually, nor easily. It requires considerable time and effort. You have to visit one of their branches, then get “interviewed” by one of their “consultants”. Then you have to make a decision as to which one of their many plans you choose to be on. Then you have to choose a particular meal plan to follow.

All of this comes with its own Jenny Craig costs, of course. There is the initial fee. Then there is the membership fee. Then there are additional and supplementary fees, depending upon the pathway you choose to navigate through the Jenny Craig maze.

But the real Jenny Craig cost? The food!

The key element of Jenny Craig’s marketing strategy is that you must buy the essential, pre-packaged meals, from them. Based upon estimates by former Jenny Craig members, the cost of these meals ranges from $120 to almost $200 per week! You can read more details about this at Jenny Craig Food.

However, in addition to all those prepared meals, the plan requires that you must also purchase additional foods from the grocery store. (These are mostly fruit, vegetables and possibly, some other fresh foods.) So this too, adds to the true Jenny Craig cost.

All totaled, yes, you are looking at several thousands of dollars over the duration of your Jenny Craig weight loss plan.

You would think for this incredibly high cost, that the Jenny Craig food would contain some sort of magical mix of ingredients, that help accelerate your weight loss. Strangely enough though, these packaged meals are nothing more than normal food, with a bit less fat and carbohydrates than most people would typically eat. And of course, the serving sizes are very small – just enough to keep you from starving. (You can read more on how to use normal food to lose weight at How To Lose Weight Naturally.)

As you can see, the extremely high Jenny Craig cost is definitely an obstacle that stops most people from purchasing the program. While the program does indeed work, it is difficult for many of those trying desperately to lose weight, to “stomach” the costs. To read more about this topic, you are welcome to click here: Jenny Craig Plan

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